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Need help with your co-op application? TRCSA has got you covered. 

Resume Application

Resumes and cover letters can be hard to know where to start your resume should convey those skills experience and what you have accomplished we are sharing resume and cover letter templates to make your process easier

Interview Prep

It is always important to make a great first impression during an interview so here is a well-prepared plan essential to accessing those interviews

Networking Prep

reaching out might seem hard, especially for professionals/recruiters on LinkedIn can be nerve-wracking but it doesn't have to be here's a template to send personal message


Whether you are starting your first Co-op placement or have many years of professional experience, how you present yourself to others in the workplace is important.  Here are a list of essential tips on how to be professional at work.

Template 2.png

Build a strong network.

Start with classmates, professors, teaching assistants, family, friends, and work colleagues past and present. Over time you can broaden your connections to include a larger set of family friends, co-workers, people you meet at conferences, etc. Once you get over 50 connections – ideally from different rather than overlapping circles – you begin to network with those people, in order to build long-lasting connections. 


Tailor your Resume and Cover Letter to a specific job.


Try not to use a one-size-fits-all template for every position you apply for, but instead pull relevant keywords from the job description that match your unique skills and experiences. A resume and cover letter that are targeted to the job will leave a lasting positive impression on the employer.

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Get involved on campus 


There are a number of benefits to getting involved on campus. Not only will you be making friends along the way but you’ll also gain experience that you can add to your resume and also build your network. There are a ton of ways to get involved on campus, like joining student groups, applying for on-campus jobs, and much more!  Not only will you be able to connect with a number of other students, you'll also be able to connect with speakers, advisers, and mentors.


Schedule a 1-on-1

Need someone to look over your application? Prep for an interview? Give you career advice? Schedule an appointment with a TRSM career coordinator.

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